Red Brick Red take pride in being able to unify different disciplines that are so often left to separate companies. We feel that having experience in so many areas of the music & media industries gives us the ability to deliver products and services that have a real, broad appeal. We are constantly developing and reimagining our skillsets so that we keep on top of new trends and technologies and can help your project come to life in a friendly and professional way.

Below is a selection of our services, looked at in a bit more detail:

Song Writing & Composition:

At Red Brick Red we have an extremely talented pool of musicians and songwriters at our disposal. We can compose and deliver everything from film scores to jingles and wrap them up in a professionally produced package that’s ready to go out to the world. Because our writers, producers and players are ALL members of respected bands and groups we can deliver an authentic, original sound that will capture people’s attention, as well as their imaginations.


With over 12 years production experience and a selection of state-of-the-art and vintage equipment at our disposal, we can give your recording a unique tone and sonic palette that stands out against the competition. We can arrange studio time (we have strong bonds with the regions most individual studio spaces), supply kit, assist with writing and arranging, capture the audio, then professionally (but originally) mix it into a final product. All this combined with a personal, friendly touch, which will put you at ease throughout the music-making process.

Workflows & Systems:

Have you an idea that needs implementing but you’re struggling with the ins and outs? Have you got the artistic side down, but the technology is holding you back? Then maybe we could help you out? From seeing an idea come into fruition or tweaking an existing working practice, we can help you devise schemes of work, implement new technologies or help automate routine jobs.


Perhaps Red Bricks Red biggest sonic strength is it’s audio mixing service. With a high-spec mixing studio, a lovely room and a highly experienced mix-engineer, we can take your disparate, individual audio tracks and help make them shine! We have worked with countless regional artists and even chart-topping bands so we know how to deliver interesting mixes that help your music gain another layer of originality and sonic intrigue. We can deliver and receive tracks digitally and take passion in helping your songs be all they can be.

A/V Installation:

From Classrooms to Home Cinemas, Red Brick Red can design and implement everything from simple PA systems to intricate, multi-room audio matrix systems. We can assess your space, design the system, purchase the kit, install it and then show you how to use it; all for prices that you often won’t believe.

With extensive experience in both commercial and educational realms, we understand the pit-falls and rigours of standard installation practices so we can design systems that will be easier to use, more flexible and better value. Our systems are designed by Technicians (not Salesmen), so we will never over-spec an installation or sell you kit you don’t need; you’ll just get a neat, tidy and high performing set-up with no hassle for you.

Live Recording:

The art of live recording and mixing is often overlooked and misunderstood. With high pressure live environments and super-complex technical set-ups to contend with it is not a job for the feint hearted. Once the audio is safely captured it undergoes the same sort of mixing process as studio recordings go through (that’s why bands sound so good on your favourite music DVDs).

At Red Brick Red we can record your gig in a multi-track format, then edit and mix it to deliver live mixes that are comparable with studio productions. We can handle everything (kit logistics, data management, artist liaison, editing, mixing, mastering, deliverables etc) so that all you have to worry about is playing the best gig you can. With knowledge of the latest digital consoles (Digidesign Venue, Soundcraft Vi6 etc) and recording rigs (as well as having our own super mix suite) we can help turn your live shows into full blown release quality recordings that are ready for the Web, DVDs or Enhanced CDs.

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